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The Masters of Italy I: Giuseppe Zanotti

As the designer him self recently described his designs, the shoes created by Giuseppe Zanotti are “light, well proportioned and energetic”. And the thing is that the designs of this Italian creator, former DJ raised up in the city of San Mauro Pascoli, can be seen as everything but boring or unnoticed.

Thanks to their truly “hot” and “feminine” design aesthetic, Zanotti’s shoes are beloved by all kind of celebrities specially by those with a more rule-breaking and sexy style like Nicky Minaj, Rihanna or Lady Gaga. As a result of this excellent relation with several popular women of nowadays fashion scene was born the collaboration with the model Anija Rubik. Back in spring, the gorgeous Polish model designed a capsule footwear line for Giuseppe Zanotti inspired by two of her  music heroes: Debbie Harry and David Bowie.

So, why not to bring your cooler and more sophisticated side out and check the shoes of Zanotti on the Fashion Days shop?